Medical Examiner Identifies Man Pulled from Debris Day After House Fire

Milwaukee County Medical Examiner has identified the man who was pulled out of the pile debris the day after the fire near 26th and Locust.

Neighbors originally pulled the grandmother out of the home, but were not aware Billy Bowen was upstairs.

The investigation began when family members reported to police they had not heard from Billy since the fire and were concerned.

The house fire had originated from the stove, and family members had told the fire department they had removed the handles from the stove to keep the grandmother from cooking. But one of the burners was found on.

Neighbors had kicked down the door and found the grandmother on the stairs.

The fire department said crews had gone through the second floor before leaving the fire scene, but had not seen the body of Billy.

Billy was found in the Southeast corner of the residence under debris. A cast was noted on his right arm, and his upper body was charred. Aside from fire related injury no other trauma was noted by the Medical Examiner. 

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