MCTS offers free bus rides on New Year's Eve

NOW: MCTS offers free bus rides on New Year’s Eve


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- A service that's provided safe rides to more than a half million people on New Year's Eve over the years hits the road again Tuesday night. 

For the 32nd consecutive year, Miller Lite is partnering with the Milwaukee County Transit System and Beer Capitol Distributing to drive people around the standard bus routes for free.

The free rides start at 8 p.m. Dec. 31 and run until the end of regular bus service, and in some cases, later than that.

"Most of our bus routes usually on a typical day go to two or three in the morning," said Matt Sliker of MCTS. "In this case, we're actually extending service for some of our most popular bus routes. So you can go to to find the schedules and see which routes are extended."

The routes with extended service include the green line, blue line and purple line.

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