MCTS Is Discontinuing Route 279 Menomonee Falls Industrial Park Express

MENOMONEE FALLS - Some Milwaukee County Bus riders are upset that a part of their trip to work is being taken away. We're talking about Route 279 which began roughly two years ago. It runs three times a day for a few hours each day through the Menomonee Falls Industrial Park. People do use it, but CBS 58 was told that not enough people do to make it cost effective.

Route 279 is what Kaprice Hart uses regularly since she started her job at FedEx almost a year ago. It's one of three buses she takes to work at the Menomonee Falls Industrial Park. "It's very convenient because of the simple fact that the bus drops you off right in front of the company."

But a notice, attached to the sign post by her bus stop, means Kaprice may have to walk two miles to catch another bus. "That sounds good with the weather like this, summer weather or spring, but what about when it's...of course it's Wisconsin...what about when it's negative 32 or when you have ten inches of snow coming in." she sad.

Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin and MICAH sponsor this route with money from a settlement with the state. Those groups said the zoo interchange construction project would benefit drivers, but what about the large percentage of folks without cars? A lawsuit was filed and then settled, but now low ridership is the driving factor behind cutting route 279.

Mary Glass of the Milwaukee Professional's Association said, "public transportation is a right and a privilege." The Milwaukee Professionals Association is behind an effort to change the minds of the decision makers and keep route 279. "and we're not just going to be here to do a sign or say we're gonna do it, we're gonna work at this. action oriented. when i said we are public policy, we're action oriented in terms of what we believe and all hands on deck," said Glass.

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