Mattioli appeals judge's order to release video from night of Acevedo's death

NOW: Mattioli appeals judge’s order to release video from night of Acevedo’s death


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Michael Mattioli is appealing a judge's order to release video from the night Joel Acevedo died.

The former police officer is accused of killing Acevedo in an off-duty incident.

The Acevedo family filed an open records request for the video. Last month, a judge ordered the release of body and dash camera video from the incident.

Mattioli is asking the Court of Appeals to overturn that decision.

Mattioli is charged with killing Acevedo and his attorneys previously argued releasing the videos would make it impossible for him to get a fair trial.

The attorney for the Acevedo family, B'Ivory LaMarr, called the appeal disappointing.

"Bodycam footage is meant to be seen," LaMarr said. "It's not going to show anything that didn't happen."

If the video is released, it would include body and dash cam video. Mattiolli's face would be blurred and his voice muted, per the judge's orders. Officers and witness statements would be heard.

"We would like to have an uneradicated version of it released but we respect the court's decision," LaMarr said. "And we think the overall goal and objective of this is achieved with the lower court's decision."

The city of Milwaukee will now file a response. LaMarr hopes this appeal process won't take long.

"We hope that the delay won't be substantial," LaMarr said. "This is well overdue. We've been calling for this body camera footage for a year now."

CBS 58 asked the city attorney and Mattioli's attorney for comment Monday afternoon but did not hear back.

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