Man records a song every day

Zachary Scot Johnson started recording his songs and posting them on You tube as a way to allow people to see and hear him perform. Now, it's a job he hopes to have for the next 25 years.

\"I record a song a day every day,\" said Johnson.

It started back in September 2012.

\"Its run for over 900 consecutive days,\" said Johnson.

Now his You tube page has around 30 million views.

\"30 million is more than I can comprehend,\" said Johnson.

Some of his songs are originals while others are covers.

He has even had a few friends stop by and sing with him, including actor Jeff Daniels and singer Lisa Loeb.

\"Shawn Colvin is a big one for me. I just love her music,\" said Johnson when asked who his favorite musician was.

He doesn't plan on stopping his project anytime soon

\"I do think, as crazy as it sounds, I want 10,000 days,\" said Johnson.

You can log onto his You tube page titled TheSongADayProject to find out more.

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