Bowler scores first perfect game in 86 years at Milwaukee's Holler House

NOW: Bowler scores first perfect game in 86 years at Milwaukee’s Holler House

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's now considered the oldest sanctioned bowling lane in the United States, and now there's a perfect game for the first time in decades.

Holler House in Milwaukee has seen many bowlers come and go for more than a century. 

For Michael Stuckert, the lanes have run through his family for generations. 

So when he bowled a perfect game a few weeks ago, it was a piece of history.

"Take a deep breath, then you just tell yourself to throw a good ball and give yourself a chance, you know...kind of threw the ball after a while, kind of hunched over a little bit and said nah, you know, pray to the gods, and you know it happens."

Michael says onlookers broke into cheers, hugs and reacted on social media.

He says many of the regulars have been bowling at Holler House since before he was born.

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