Making The Most of Garage Sale Season

So how many garage sales do you go to a weekend?  Chances are you go to many.  One online research site reveals there are 165-thousand of them a week across the country.  It's also estimated five million items are sold, bringing in more than four million dollars of revenue!

I caught up with one Wauwatosa woman known as "Garage Sale Queen" by many.  Karen Wolff has been having these sales for more than thirty years.  She gives some invaluable advice for both the buyer and seller.  She recommends having a neighborhood sale.  She also says to put the most eye-catching items on the front lawn to draw in customers.  Put a price tag on everything as well.  As far as the buyer goes, she advises scanning the sale rather thoroughly. 

Wolff also says it's a good idea to except only cash.  And if the buyer buys something to be picked up at a later date, make sure to get important information like a name and phone number. 

I also did some online research myself and found some valuable advice.  Just click on the attached link for more information on having the perfect garage sale.

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