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LULAC organizing coalition for quality policing after controversy over Milwaukee Police Department policy on undocumented suspects

NOW: LULAC organizing coalition for quality policing after controversy over Milwaukee Police Department policy on undocumented suspects


Before LULAC and other community groups launch their initiative for quality policing on Tuesday, Darryl Morin of LULAC Wisconsin spoke with the CBS 58 News at 4 to clarify the recent controversy with Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

Morin says LULAC wants to work with the chief. But they have some concerns about how wording was changed in the policy of MPD when it comes to undocument suspects.

Last week, Chief Flynn told CBS 58 News that he felt he had been misrepresented when changing the policy wording.

Even though he had meetings with city officials, including the City Attorney and the Fire and Police Commission.

"The department is not doing immigration enforcement," Chief Flynn told CBS 58 News. "We would notify the feds when we have a serious bad guy. But, almost immediately wild accusations that there were dramatic changes in policy."

LULAC says this was not just a semantics or technical change.

"When we looked at changes that were made, they went beyond the 1373 statute that the DOJ needs compliance for grants," explained Morin. "Everybody wants the police department to be fully resourced. But, our second concern is that we've had over 20 years, there's been pattern and practice of how MPD and City Attorney work with Fire and Police commission. When there's a material change, when the SOP (standard operating procedure)is changed, they have to see the entire thing in writing and allow for public comments. For the first time that was bypassed."

Morin says he believes how the word changes were approved deserves further examination. He also says he's encouraged that the FPC is trying to change rules so it doesn't happen this way again.

"I can tell you there were numerous changes that removed language from other parts of sop (standard operating procedure) that prohibited bad actors going up to people with Hispanic features and ask them about their immigration status." says Morin. "Nobody has greater respect for brothers and sisters in blue who uphold their oaths to provide equal protection under the law. It's safe to assume that in a force this large there would be issues there."

Morin says this goes beyond a technical change. He says it could have a chilling effect on people reporting crimes or medical emergencies.

"We all agree bad people doing bad things do not need to be here."

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