Local vets get refurbished computers on Independence Day

NOW: Local vets get refurbished computers on Independence Day

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- U.S. Bank is teaming up with Tech for Troops to help enrich the lives of local veterans in need on this Independence Day.

Wadsworth Library on the Milwaukee VA campus was built in the late 1800s and was in need of serious renovations. Wednesday morning volunteers came in and made renovations to modernize it. They added temporary WIFI access and will install a permanent system in the near future. They also brought in tables and chairs.

Volunteers spruced up the place by painting the walls, bannisters and replacing the curtains, while maintaining the historical architecture.

100 local veterans were given refurbished computers and veterans CBS 58 spoke with say the new technology will enhance their lives a lot, “So that we can stay modern. So it's like we can go online, pay our bills. We can do our medication; get in touch with our doctors direct instead of having to wait days at a time. So, it's a really great thing that they are doing,” said Prymous Walker who is getting a computer.

"Veterans, on a whole, when they get out of the military they think they have the tiger by the tail and they fall into a spiral of poverty and it's hard to get out of poverty if you don't have the right tools to do it and a computer is the right tool to get out of that situation,” said Mark Casper the executive director for Tech for Troops.

Veterans were also able to attend a computer class to get to know how to use their new devices.

U.S. Bank is partnering with the USO of Wisconsin and handed out 3,500 Brewers tickets at Miller Park to pre-selected veterans for the Thursday’s game against the Twins.

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