Roller skaters move in on male-dominated skate parks with 'Community in Bowls' group

NOW: Roller skaters move in on male-dominated skate parks with ’Community in Bowls’ group

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Roller skates are making a comeback. But they're not just for roller rinks and side walks. An international group, Community in Bowls (CIB), wants quad skaters to feel comfortable at skate parks too. 

"I just kind of wanted to open it up to more people and change the dynamic of the skate park, it's a very masculine environment," said Janell  Polzin. Polzin is the founder of the CIB Milwaukee chapter.

There are around 300 CIB chapters around the world. Their goal is to make the sport more inclusive. Bringing women, children and LGBTQ members into the bowls. 

Whether you've been skating your whole life or you've never laced up, they're offering lessons and a community to people who want to get involved. 

Since the Milwaukee chapter started two years ago, it's more than doubled. Those involved range from Derby skaters to children under five. 

CIB holds events every week, at places like Four Seasons Skate Park in Milwaukee. 

The organizers want to make sure nothing stands in your way if you want to be a roller skater. They have shoulder and elbow pads and even skates for you to borrow. 

While cost to get into the skate parks is between 10 and 15 dollars, on the days CIB rents out the spaces they'll also pay your entry fee.  

"We don't want people to be turned away by that," said Molly Lefeber, a community admin team member. "So we basically started a skater fund. So you get to the door and you say 'hey I don't have the money today' and we just cover it for you." 

If you want to get rolling on your skating career, CIB is hosting a 2-year anniversary party at Four Seasons Skate Park on Sunday, August 21. 

They also have a Ladies and Queer Night coming up on Friday. August 19.  

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