Local active shooter trainer says being prepared for the worst is crucial

NOW: Local active shooter trainer says being prepared for the worst is crucial


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As we continue to see one mass shooting tragedy after another, the need for active shooter training has become more crucial for everyone.

"We should prepare for this no different than a tornado, a fire drill, no different than anything else,” Active shooter training expert Michael Wright of Southeast Tactical LLC said.

Wright, a Milwaukee firefighter, says after seeing so many mass shootings he decided to take his skills and help others.

"It unfortunate that I’m in business,” Wright said.

Wright teaches the “run, hide or fight” model. He says the best option is to run, but if you can't, than you need to find a safe place to hide.

"Away from windows, away from doors, where you have a nice dead bolt lock if you can't get out,” Wright said.

If hiding isn't possible, Wright says you need to fight using objects around you like a fire extinguisher, hammer or anything you can get your hands on in the room.

One aspect he's added to his curriculum is how to handle an injured person around you.  He says make sure you are safe, first and foremost, and then help others.

"Just a simple matter of putting either a gloved hand or a piece of plastic or something over that then that reestablishes how things should be going and that's obviously temporary, but stopping the bleeding is the number one thing,” Wright said.

Jeff Zisner also teaches active shooter training and says preventing these tragedies should also be part of the conversation.

“Schools can do things to prevent these things from happening, but it really involves early intervention,” Zisner said. “It involving anti-bullying campaigns, being really alert and aware of what's happening at schools and at home."

For tips on how to talk to your children about school shootings, click on the link below:


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