Little Switzerland Resort Lets it Snow

Little Switzerland Ski Resort in Slinger is now open for the season.

The resort is creating their own snow while it waits for the weather.

The resort has been making this snow since Tuesday using advanced technology. There are 23 snow guns all over the hill blowing it out.

Managers can operate the amount of water and pressure from their cell phones.

One of the managers however, says this man-made snow does not have a positive response.   

“I think a lot of people think that the snow we make, which is real snow,  is icy or tough to ski on, not as nice as powder you have out west. It's great snow, it's power-tilled, the guns that we have make excellent, light snow," says John Finck, a mountain manager.

Visitors at Little Switzerland have a chance to ski, snowboard and eat at the resort’s restaurant and bar.

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