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Leaders in Milwaukee are searching for 18 volunteers to tackle the city's problems head on

NOW: Leaders in Milwaukee are searching for 18 volunteers to tackle the city’s problems head on


Do you know anyone with a passion for problem-solving? If you do, Milwaukee aldermen would like to hear from you! They're trying to build a team of problem-solvers.

Aldermen are looking for 18 community volunteers that will make up the Safety and Civic Commission. They'll look at a number of issues and also implement solutions.

Alderman Witkowski is the lead sponsor of the commission and says this idea has been tossed around for several years.

He says it all stems from safety concerns aldermen have expressed like drug issues, traffic problems, success rates, and overall things that affect the city.

In order to get things moving, they need community members who will meet at least twice a week at City Hall to look at issues, seek solutions, and implement them.

"People know which way they're feeling as to which direction the city should go in. They can see the problems first hand and they can make recommendations to all these boards, which gives them the bigger voice. The program is expected to be up and running by this summer.

If you're interested, you're asked to contact your alderman's office.

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