Lead Pipe Filters will be Available for Milwaukee Residents by November 29

City of Milwaukee is laying out its plans to get water filters into homes at risk of lead contamination.

City officials said their first priority will be the 385 daycares along with homes with pregnant women and children under the age of 1.

A significant discount will be available through the end of 2016 to residents who purchase Aquasana water filters online at www.aquasana.com using the password “Milwaukee.” 

They do want to make sure any of the tens of thousands of residents who may have a lead pipe issue get the service they need.

Aquasana filters will be available as soon as November 29.

"We know this is an issue that is going to cross demographics and cross communities, and so the more people that identify that their home is impacted by lead, the better," says United Way vice president, Nicole Angresano.

They can be picked up at the 16th street community health center and by contacting the city of Milwaukee through their website.

These filters are said to last about a year and there are two types being offered: the powered water filtration system which hooks up to your sink and the filtered water jug.

Both will be at no cost to impacted families.

The city is reminding residents to have their children tested for lead poisoning if they live in an impacted home.

If you’re interested in getting either filter of want to see if your home is impacted by lead service lines, click here.

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