Kwanzaa begins Saturday

Kwanzaa begins on Saturday, December 26. The holiday is an African American celebration of family, community, and culture. Dr. Maulana Karenga founded Kwanzaa in 19-66 in Los Angeles, California as the first specifically African American holiday.

Kwanzaa has seven core principles and symbols. Each day represents a new principle. They are Umoja or unity;  Kjuichagulia, which means self determination; Ujima, collective work and responsibility; Ujamaa, or cooperative economics; Nia, which means purpose; Kuumba, creativity; and Imani, or faith. Celebrants light a candle on each day.

"It's about remembering your past, your ancestors. It's about making your life better, reaffirming your African identity as you make your way through this life in America," said Clayborn Benson, the founder of the Wisconsin Black Historical Society and museum. 

"Kwanzaa is the celebration of life," said Benson.

The historical society is hosting a Kwanzaa celebration on Saturday. It is located at  2620 West Center Street. 

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