Kenosha storm recovery: Tree branch falls on woman's car while she's driving

NOW: Kenosha storm recovery: Tree branch falls on woman’s car while she’s driving

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A number of Kenosha residents were grateful close calls from Tuesday's storms did not turn out worse.

Kathy Thompson was driving home Tuesday night, Aug. 10, confident she would be safe and beat the storms' arrival.

"We were watching the radar, it's not moving very fast," Thompson said. "And it just came in real quick."

As Thompson was driving, a tree branch crashed onto the roof of her car, breaking the sunroof and spilling glass onto the rear passenger seats.

Thompson was thankful no one else was in the vehicle.

"It was just really scary. Just the fact that my kids could've been with, and if they were with, all that glass would've been on them, or if I would've left the sunroof open like I always do," Thompson told CBS 58. "It was a little nerve-wracking."

Just feet from where CBS 58 interviewed Thompson, a neighbor's yard showed more impact of the storms.

A tree fell on the bed of a neighbor's pickup truck, causing some minor dent damage. A large trampoline was also flipped over.

In another part of Kenosha, another close call.

Evelyn Sawa's mother was at home when a large part of a tree in their yard fell on top of the home's roof.

"My mom was sitting in the window when it happened and she just heard a loud, like, thud," Sawa said.

Sawa, too, is grateful the accident didn't turn out worse.

"We're kind of just hoping that it didn't cause any internal damage, but so far we're very lucky, considering it could've gone right through the house."

The cleanup and recovery was just beginning Tuesday afternoon for Bill Stewart, who had a tree in his yard fall over, hitting the rear of his car.

"I'm thankful," Steward said. "It could've been a lot worse."

But an unfortunate situation brought out the best of Stewart's community as neighbors offered help, including one who helped saw off branches from the fallen tree.

"That's been awesome," Stewart said. "It's been nice having everyone reach out and checking up on everybody."

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