Kenneth Thomas Sentenced to 45 Years for Gas Station Murder and Robbery

Kenneth Thomas will spend 45 years in prison.

That's 35 years for the gas station murder and 10 years for a robbery that happened three days earlier.

It's a longer sentence than both the prosecution and defense asked for.

The judge said it was clear that based on Thomas' continued violent outburst that he is a danger to society.

But his lawyer said Thomas was remorseful and has potential to be a good citizen.

In fact, Thomas spoke at length for himself in court today.

He said he wanted to quote "pour his heart out." He said he had a message for the family of Saeed Sharwani, the gas station clerk who he killed.

"Truly from my heart I apologize. Most people can't feel yalls pain but I can. I can't bring him back but I can change some lives with my testimony,” said Thomas.

Thomas appeared in a wheelchair today in court. His lawyer said that's a security precaution due to problems with fights in the jail.

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