Jackson Police: Man Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Woman While on Heroin

JACKSON - Jackson Rescue was dispatched to a Main Street apartment regarding a 32-year-old woman who appeared to be under the influence of heroin and possibly had a head injury. A male subject, also on heroin, allegedly had beat the woman and had a knife.

Jackson Police responded after Jackson Rescue removed the woman from the apartment complex. Police formed a shield team in preparation to make contact with the man.

The man came out of his apartment on his own and surrendered without incident. An additional ambulance was requested because it appeared that he was also under the influence of drugs.

Further investigation revealed that the man and woman went to Milwaukee, bought $50 worth of heroin, and returned to the apartment building to snort it. The man did not remember attacking the woman.

The 37-year-old man was arrested and is facing charges.

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