Jack White bans phones from performance at The Rave

NOW: Jack White bans phones from performance at The Rave

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Fans at rock star Jack White's Milwaukee show had to ditch their phones. 

The musician is banning all cell phones from every non-festival stop in his tour, including Friday night's stop at The Rave. 

White says it's so more people pay attention to the music instead of their devices. 

CBS 58 spoke with fans outside the venue and pretty much everyone was supportive of the decision. 

"I think it's a good idea. It actually forces people to pay attention to the show rather than just trying to catch the moment on their phones for social media," said fan Garrick Gesell. 

"It's definitely interesting. It definitely allows you to be present you know. You're not distracted by anything," said concert-goer Sara Thorlton. 

Anyone who showed up with a phone had to lock it away with show organizers until the end of the show. 

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