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IVC Filter

An IVC filter is a medical appliance used to prevent dangerous blood clots from migrating to the heart, lungs or brain. The filters are used after someone has undergone surgery to prevent pulmonary embolisms. However, it has recently been noted that certain IVC filters are highly defective and pose serious health threats to their users. Thirty-nine deaths from faulty IVC filters have been reported in the U.S. alone.

Complications arise when the IVC filter is damaged or moved while in a person’s body. If it is not functioning properly, the IVC filter has been reported to:

  • Migrate through the inferior vena cava involuntarily, sometimes causing the type of pulmonary embolism it was meant to prevent.
  • "Tilt" and move out of place inadvertently.
  • Embed itself inside the patient's vein, making it surgically impossible to remove.
  • Break into fragments that can migrate toward the heart or lungs.
  • Pierce the IVC itself.

The manufacturers of the faulty IVC filters, Cook Medical and C.R. Bard, have likely known about the faults in their product because hundreds of people filed complaints with them as the filters were working improperly and causing harm. These issues have persisted for over 10 years with the manufacturers doing nothing to fix the situation.

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