'It's scary': Crossing guard hit near school, resident concerned about intersection safety

’It’s scary’: Crossing guard hit near school, resident concerned about intersection safety

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee resident is pleading for change in his neighborhood after a crossing guard was hit by a car outside St. Augustine Preparatory Academy.

Milwaukee police said it happened just after 7:30 Thursday morning. The 58-year-old male crossing guard sustained non-fatal injuries, and the car involved stayed on scene. According to MPD, no arrests or citations were issued.

The incident happened near the crosswalk at S. 6th Street and Hamilton Avenue. 

A nearby resident, David Ross, told CBS 58 the school traffic backs up daily, and he has seen crashes there on a weekly basis.

"If he got hit, guess what's going to happen to a child," Ross said. "I've seen so many accidents here. My car gets hit twice every year. Everybody else's car gets hit twice every year."

Along with work and school traffic on a congested road, many drivers seem to be unaware of the speed limit.

"People that just don't care are doing 50 miles down here in a school zone," Ross told CBS 58 as a car sped by.

His daughter attends St. Augustine Prep. Though they live just steps away from the school entrance, he still fears for her safety.

"I walk her to school and she lives right across the street. It's that dangerous. I get almost hit every day," Ross said.

The school is relatively new, opening just five years ago. Ross believes due to the lack of signage at the intersection, some drivers might not even know it's there when speeding down 6th Street.

He said he has been contacting the city for years about the safety concern, but hasn't seen changes yet.

I would like to at least see them put some signs out here, something to slow the people down, or the police here," Ross said.

With kids back in school, he's hoping for a change sooner than later.

"If you come out here in the morning time, you'll see, it's - I wanna cry, but I'm not going to cry - but it's wrong. These are little kids, first grade, second grade, third grade," Ross said, "You've got little babies out here that the cars really can't see, and they're in a rush."

Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic of District 14 shared a statement regarding the incident Thursday:

"I am deeply sorry to hear of the terrible tragedy that was witnessed by neighbors near St. Augustine Prep. I'm wishing the crossing guard who was injured a full and speedy recovery.

Our office has spoken to area neighbors within the last year about their concerns, particularly as it pertains to pick-up and drop-off at St. Augustine and the subsequent traffic issues that can arise at those designated times. The City of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works traffic engineering section has visited this intersection several times to assess the area and help make recommendations to improve safety. Additionally, we received a pick-up and drop-off plan back in March from the school that was reported by neighbors to reduce issues at that time. The school also continues to work collaboratively with Milwaukee Police District 2 to mitigate the congestion problems residents have identified. Our office has asked for regular traffic enforcement based on today’s accident and have asked for better markings in the area."

CBS 58 also obtained a statement from  St. Augustine Preparatory Academy's President, Abby Andrietsch:

"We are praying for a speedy recovery for the crossing guard involved in today’s unfortunate accident. While the City of Milwaukee employs and assigns crossing guards at intersections throughout the community, dozens of teachers and staff are also on hand to help facilitate an orderly and safe arrival and dismissal."
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