Invoice scam is hitting area businesses

Local companies are falling victim to a growing nationwide scam.

At Nature's Healing Day Spa in Menominee Falls, owner Helen DePasquale enjoys helping people relax but the last few months have been nothing but stress.

\"I'd say I lost a little over a thousand dollars.\"

Helen DePasquale fell victim to a recent scam where companies are sending invoices.

DePasquale says, \"What they'll do is they'll send you an invoice and say you owe us money and I said wait a minute I didn't do business with you.\"

Like many many businesses, she didn't always do her own book-keeping, so the bill just got paid. The scammers even pretended to be a company she advertised with in the past, saying she owed money, but finally she caught on.

Randall Hoth, President of Milwaukee's Better Business Bureau says DePasquale isn't alone. Hundreds of phony invoices are surfacing, claiming companies owe advertising money.

The BBB recommends one or two people do accounts payable, check companies with the BBB, and use a purchase order system.

If you are also a victim the BBB is building a case, file your report online.

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