Internal Investigation Into Fox Lake Police Department Raises Questions

(CBS Chicago) — As the investigation into the killing of a Fox Lake police officer continues, there’s a lot of speculation about an internal investigation into the department, happening at the same time. Some are questioning whether the two are linked.
Michael Behan paid respects to Lt. Joe Gliniewicz five days after he retired as the Fox Lake Police Chief.
“There have been questions that have been coming up regarding a change of leadership in the Fox Lake police department. This is completely independent of the major crime investigation going on,” said Lake County Sheriff’s Detective Chris Covelli.
Behan announced his retirement just days after the village of Fox Lake placed him and another officer on paid administrative leave.That announcement came as the village launched an internal investigation into the police department.
The investigation looking into, “the handling of a December 2014 incident involving a police officer and a male arrestee in custody…”
A source called it police brutality, to CBS Chicago.
In a statement on August 21, “The village has concerns with respect to how the incident was investigated, when it was investigated and how decisions regarding the findings and discipline were reached.”

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