Ice driving expert: Stay calm in a skid

Ice driving expert: Stay calm in a skid

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An ice storm is moving in, meaning dangerous driving conditions.

While Wisconsinites may think they are excellent winter drivers, the number of accidents we see during storms may mean some people need a few reminders. 

CBS 58's Bill Walsh spoke with John Ewert, communications director for Road America, about what to do if you get into a skid. 

"What do people do that they think they should be doing on ice and snow, but they should not be doing that whatsoever?" asked Walsh.

"Too many people are reliant on the technology that is currently available in a lot of modern cars," said Ewert. "Something to keep in mind is that those cameras can become blocked by snow and ice, those sensors can become blocked by snow and ice. And also, traction control systems are simply just that, it’s to kind of warn you you’re getting into a skid, it’s not going to keep you from getting into a skid."

"That big, fancy SUV with all-wheel drive, that AWD doesn't help you stop any sooner in the ice, does it?" asked Walsh.

"We don't want to get too much confidence when it comes to all-wheel drive or traction control," Ewert said.

"What should you do if you get into a skid?" asked Walsh.

"Just relax, take your foot off the brake and gas, steer where you want to go. If you have to brake because a vehicle is in front of you, make sure you brake slowly," Ewert said.

Road America offers winter driving courses where students use their own vehicles under different driving conditions. 

Those classes are offered weekends through mid-March, so you still have time. 

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