EXCLUSIVE: "I thought my son was dead:" Father recalls horrifying stolen car crash

EXCLUSIVE: “I thought my son was dead:“ Father recalls horrifying stolen car crash

A Milwaukee father and his 7-year-old son are grateful to be alive after being hit by a stolen car Sunday afternoon.

Bryant Mason and his son Noah were on their way home from church when the crash happened.

“I thought that was my son was dead,” Bryant said.

Looking at these pictures of the car, it's hard to believe both people inside survived.

“It was kind of like in slow motion, but the car was maybe doing like 60 miles per hour and then the car hit me, boom,” Bryant remembers.

Suspects in a stolen car blew through a stop sign at 39th and North, slamming in to Mason's SUV, which went airborne, flipped, hit a light pole and landed on the passenger side.

“I looked up, we were in the air and then when we just like crashed I just passed out,” Noah said. “Thought I was gonna lose my life.”

Noah was sitting in the back seat.

“I noticed my son unconscious,” Bryant said. “So I climbed back through the sunroof and I was shaking him, shaking him and calling his name.”

After about five minutes, Noah regained consciousness. By then, the suspects in the stolen car, were long gone.

“They didn't even check to see if we were alright, they didn't check to see if we were alive, nothing,” Bryant said. “They just left the scene.”

“They just don't care about anyone or anyone in pain or anyone in the hospital like me and my father,” Noah added.

Noah has a concussion and both he and his dad have some bumps and bruises but are otherwise ok. Both were wearing seatbelts.

Bryant says he hopes the suspects are brought to justice but he isn't angry

“I'm not mad, I'm not upset,” Bryant said. “I'm praying for them.”

Police are still searching for the suspects.

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