'I lost my baby': Crash kills Milwaukee teen, brother driving car facing charges

’I lost my baby’: Crash kills Milwaukee teen, brother driving car facing charges

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A Milwaukee mother is grieving the loss of her son after both of her children were in a deadly crash earlier this week. The teen who was driving the car was sent to jail for his brother’s death.

The teenager, 17-year-old Laron Ball was driving through the intersection near 37th and Sheridan when Milwaukee Police say he ran a stop sign and a school bus hit the car, killing his brother in the passenger seat.

“He was right there telling him to fight and breathe and keep his eyes open,” Mother Monique White said.

White got the call Tuesday from her son Laron saying he got in a crash and his little brother 16-year-old Ar'ron Ball was badly hurt.

“He said the airbag was stuck on his face, and he couldn't get him out,” White said.

The mother tried to rush to the scene but was too late. Ar'ron died shortly after the crash.

“I keep thinking like if I would have made it just a little bit earlier maybe I could have helped him get out of the car,” White said.

Milwaukee Police said Laron ran a stop sign, but White said there's a reason. White said Laron’s car slipped on ice before it rolled past the intersection.

“He was trying to stop it but he couldn't and I think he panicked, even more, when he saw the bus coming,” White said. “It was an accident, my son would never do something to harm his little brother.”

Laron is sitting in jail Saturday. He’s being charged with Homicide by Negligent Operation, Operating with a Revoked License and Possession of a Firearm.

White tells me she feels like she lost both of her teenage sons.

“One of my babies is already gone, and my other baby I can't even console him like I'm talking to him through a screen just stay strong,” White said.

Now she’s getting ready to bury her youngest son, something no mother should have to do.

 “I'm hurting because I lost my baby, my last child,” White said. “But I think God needed him more than I did because he took him from me.’

The family set up this Go Fund Me page to help with funeral costs.

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