"I just want to get out there and help them:" Harvey devastation sparks local reaction

NOW: “I just want to get out there and help them:“ Harvey devastation sparks local reaction

Several people including Former Green Bay Packer Greg Koch are experiencing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey first hand. 

When Harvey ripped through southeast Texas, it packed some punches. So much devastation, Wisconsin Red Cross volunteer Tom Poe caught a flight to Houston first thing Sunday morning.

"I know the devastation. I've been out on these before. They need help and I just want to get out there and help them," said Poe.

Brookfield natives Breeanne and Trish Johnson just moved to the Houston area a month ago.

"At one point, we were completely surrounded by water," Trish Johnson said.

They recorded cell phone video of Harvey's impact from their apartment window in Webster, Texas.

"We'd go into the closet, watch the news, and see another tornado warning and then go back in. With the rain going down and it being dark you couldn't tell whether it was a tornado or not."

Former Green Bay Packer player Greg Koch's Houston area home is now without power and he hasn't gone outside since Harvey hit.

"We've had 22 inches of rain in about the last 14 hours and expecting us to have in the next two days probably another 25 inches of rain," Koch said.

But he's hopeful that his fellow Houstonians will over come this.

"It's going to take months to repair and months to get back to normal but this city is resilient," Koch said.

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