Hundreds take to the State Capitol amid Supreme Court decision

NOW: Hundreds take to the State Capitol amid Supreme Court decision

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Hundreds took the steps of the State Capitol in the aftermath of the high court's ruling.

Many supporters of reproductive rights CBS 58 spoke with said it was a sad day for the country and our state now that women's rights have been stripped.

"Access to abortion is life-saving" chants were heard from protesters.

Many grew emotional as they grappled with the news that the landmark Roe v Wade decision was struck down after five decades.

"Something has been stolen from us and from my kids and if I had to pick a word to describe the emotion it would be grief. … It's really scary to raise kids right now for a lot of reasons," said protester Kate Bender of Madison.

"it's all about the choice that's why we are pro-choice, I'm not pro abortion I'm pro choice," said Colette Poree of Hartford.

Meanwhile, some anti-abortion rights supporters traveled to Madison to make their voices heard, celebrating the ruling they view as a victory.

"I was proud," said Caiden Stachowicz of Menasha. "I was glad our Supreme Court made that decision, I'm glad they revoked Roe v Wade.

The high court's decision drew mixed emotions. Some say they are fearful about what other freedoms they could be at risk of losing next.

"So many fundamental rights that we are in danger of losing," said Jessica Warwick of Green Bay. "How do you summarize that in a sign or two?"

Top Republicans in Wisconsin rejoiced this long-awaited decision. Meanwhile, Democrats such as Governor Tony Evers called it grim, vowing to do anything he can to challenge restrictions to abortions.

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