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How to Stay Safe After a Serious Car Accident

The statistics surrounding the number of car crashes in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa each year are staggering.  Although we would all prefer not to think that we could be involved in such a crash, your response to an accident may prevent further injuries in the immediate term and assist your legal claim in the long term by keeping the at-fault person and their insurance company honest.

Be Safe

After the accident, tend to yourself and your passengers. Get immediate medical attention for severe and life-threatening injuries by calling, or having someone nearby, call 911. If you are able, inform oncoming traffic that they are approaching an accident scene by activating your hazard lights. If you can, open the hood or trunk to your vehicle to further alert oncoming traffic that something is wrong. If you have them, use safety cones, reflective triangles or flares at night. Leaving your car, truck or motorcycle parked in the middle of the road or a busy intersection could lead to other accidents. But if your car is inoperable, or if you are too injured to drive, you should remain belted in your car until help arrives. In the event that your accident is relatively minor with no severe or life-threatening injuries, move your vehicle to the side of the road, but never leave the scene of an accident.

Exchange Information

Write down the names, telephone numbers, addresses and driver's license numbers of all drivers and passengers involved. Take down the name, address and phone number of any witnesses to the accident, because witnesses often leave the scene of an accident before police arrive. Ask the other drivers if they or someone else owns the vehicle. Collect all insurance information including the name of the insurance company and policy number for the driver and owner of the other car. When providing information to the other driver, do not disclose your Social Security number. Report the accident to your own insurance agent immediately.

Call the Police

Request that the responding officers make an accident report, documenting injuries, damage to the vehicles and the insurance information of those involved. In the event that the police do not respond to the scene of the accident, you should file an accident report at the police station closest to the accident scene. It is a good idea to carry a disposable camera in your glove compartment to photograph the scene of an accident and the vehicles involved.

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