How The Pros Handle The Cold

This past weekend's Vikings-Seahawks game was one of the coldest in history with temperatures below zero.  So players dressed accordingly, wearing special helmets, long johns, and even battery-powered hand warmers.  

The experts say we all should take note when we're in the extreme cold. For instance, it's recommended to wear enough layers.  Make sure the bottom layer, the one closest to the skin, doesn't retain moisture.  You want to avoid cotton.  Wool is better or something called "Under Armor."  It's vital to wear the right head gear since it's estimated 90% of heat escapes from your head.  Don't forget to wear layers on your feet.  Again, avoid cotton the best you can.  

Mittens are better than gloves since you can put hand warmers into mittens easier.  Also, with mittens, your fingers can "share" body heat with the rest of your body.

In the cold, stay away from alcohol.  It can make you feel warm, but your blood vessels are actually constricting.  This cuts down on circulation, effectively make you feel colder.  

So remember, when the temperatures turn frigid, common sense is vital.  Also, you're not trying to make any fashion statements.  You just want to stay warm!

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