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How Pharmaceutical Class Action Cases Work in Wisconsin

A class action lawsuit of any kind is one in which a group of people have become ill or suffered similar injuries. These injuries or illnesses can often be traced back to a defective product, and in the case of pharmaceutical class actions, they can be traced back to a certain drug or medical device. Your story, though one of hundreds, has the power to reach big drug companies and send a message: We have been injured by your mistake and we will be compensated.

Class actions are useful because many people have been hurt. However, your time to file, or to join, a class action lawsuit is limited. As you consider your legal options after a drug or medical device injury, it is important to understand:

If you decide to proceed with a case, then you also need to know what happens next. Your attorney will review your specific case with you and let you know what will happen next. Typically, once a decision is made to move forward with a pharmaceutical class action case:

  • A complaint will be filed in court against the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the drug or medical device.
  • The pharmaceutical company will respond to the complaint and either deny the complaint or challenge the lawsuit.
  • Both sides will engage in a discovery period during which information is gathered and shared as required.
  • Motions may be filed in an attempt to resolve the lawsuit or seek rulings on evidence.
  • A motion will be filed to certify the class action, and the case will proceed if approved.
  • Notice is published or sent to members of the class action suit.
  • The case is either tried or settled before trial.

Of course, each pharmaceutical class action case is unique, and not every case will proceed in exactly this fashion. Your attorney will keep you up-to-date on developments in your case and fight hard to protect your rights. Accordingly, we encourage you speak with one of our experienced attorneys to discuss your options regarding a pharmaceutical class action. Our attorneys can be reached at 800-800-5678 or via online chat 24/7 at hupy.com.

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