How did Wisconsin factor into day two of the DNC?

NOW: How did Wisconsin factor into day two of the DNC?

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Democratic National Convention leadership responded to criticism of the lack of Wisconsin involvement on day one of what has become a virtual convention.

That went all the way down to removing Wisconsin from the logo of the convention.

“They didn’t want to give the impression that they were in Wisconsin if they weren’t, and they felt that it was important to be transparent and open about the fact that they were choosing to stay where they were," Convention CEO Joe Solmonese said. "So we created a logo for them that as you may have seen, has America in the center of the O there.”

The DNC had not one, but 17 keynote speakers dubbed the party’s “rising stars” talk on day two. None of those 17 work in Wisconsin. Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was born in Madison, but Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett did gavel in the convention on Tuesday night.

“I am proud that the Democratic Party, and the city of Milwaukee have made the health of our residents the number one priority," Barrett said.

Marquette political science professor Paul Nolette said it is important for Democrats to show off their next wave of future leaders.

“When you look at the leadership of the Democratic Party -- Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, there are a lot of names that are in their 70s, close to 80 years old, so it's good to see some of the rising stars."

The roll call vote to confirm Joe Biden was called by Jason Rae, both the DNC secretary, and a Wisconsinite.

“It is truly a humbling experience, as someone who attended my first convention back when I was 17 in 2004," Rae, the youngest person ever elected to the DNC, said. "To be able to call the roll call, one of the pivotal moments of a convention. To be able to do it in the state I live.”

DNC Chairman Tom Perez gave his speech from the Wisconsin Center and mentioned the state frequently, as did Lt. Gov Mandela Barns when he dropped off the state’s roll call.

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