Hotel costs jump in states welcoming eclipse tourists

NOW: Hotel costs jump in states welcoming eclipse tourists

The United States of America is about six days away from the upcoming solar eclipse - best seen in the states to Wisconsin's South including Nebraska and Missouri.

The sky-gazing tourism is getting pretty spendy for travelers. CBS 58's Jacob Kittilstad heads out to New Berlin to connect with some people making the trip.

Gene Hanson is a 40+ year member of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society - he booked his hotel in Grand Island, Nebraska ages ago.

"Astronomers and especially us amateurs knew for many years ahead of time and knew that this was coming and knew that we wanted to get close to what we call the center line," Hanson said.

"Accomodations are available but I saw prices of over $500 a night," Hanson said.

Paul Borchardt, observatory director for the Milwaukee Astronomical Society, is also headed to Nebraska. He notes that another item has become extremely scare across the country: glasses to observe the eclipse.

"They're becoming rarer than hen's teeth and I've heard that the market for them, the price has been going up and up where people are paying $5, $10, $15 for what you'd normally pay a buck for," Borchardt said.

Borchardt is also going on the trip without booking a hotel room. He says it's not because of the cost - it's a part of his strategy to stay mobile in case of clouds.

"Who knows? We may end up in Wyoming if that's what it takes to get to clear skies," Borchardt said.

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