Hidden camera found in funeral home bathroom

Chicago (WGN) -- Smith and Thomas Funeral Homes advertises their ability to offer funeral webcasting and the most up-to-date video tributes, and now the business is under investigation for having a camera in a bathroom.


Police were called to the West Side funeral home, located at 5708 W. Madison, at about 5 p.m. Monday after employees claimed they found a camera in hidden in a bathroom. Police responded and did recover a camera.


Funeral home receptionist Eunice Young showed WGN the bathroom near the front entrance on 5700 block of Madison where she says the camera was found, but she would not let WGN take a look inside. However she did tell us, it is a unisex bathroom used only by employees.


Smith and Thomas funeral homes advertise as \"The people that care.\" They also advertise a wide range of video and social media services for mourners on their website.


When asked about the unsettling discovery of a camera in a place where we all expect to have privacy, Eunice Young responded: \"I feel like I've been violated.\"


The receptionist also told WGN that the owner is conducting an internal investigation, speaking to employees about the camera found in the bathroom.


When WGN spoke with the owner over the phone Wednesday, she said she was out of town and did not want to comment on the investigation. 

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