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Here's the scoop: you can vote for the next Purple Door Ice Cream flavor

One local ice cream shop does more than just scoop the sweet treat into a cone.  It's actually giving us the chance to have a say with the next new flavor to be served.

Purple Door Ice Cream off 2nd Street in Walker's Point is having its "2017 Flavor Contest" this Sunday.  The public gets to try 12 different samples submitted by the public.  To start, there were close to 300 entries, but the number was whittled down to a dozen by a panel of judges.  Whoever gets the most votes takes top prize.  

I got to make and taste one of the submissions.  This one features sugar, spice, and all things nice. 

Sunday's event runs from noon until three.  It costs ten dollars but twelve bucks at the door.  For this price, you get to try each entry and cast your vote for favorite. Click here for all the information on the contest.

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