Heaves & Holes Taking over The Roads

Roads are becoming huge obstacle courses when it's this cold as frost heaves and pot holes grow.  And you know it only gets worse from here as we get into spring.  You can tell the streets are taking a beating.

There are many bumps in the road, and they're caused by frozen water underneath the pavement.  They are frost heaves.  Pot holes are very similar except there's more water involved, the experts say, and they usually happen more above ground with excessive freeze/thaw cycles.

If you hit one of these too hard your wallet could also be taking a hit. Mechanics offer some advice as what to look out for in terms of damage.  They say to be aware of any strange noises or a crooked steering wheel.  

Meantime the professionals advise before every winter season checking your front end and get an alignment . It's also recommended to have a roadside safety kit, including flares and cones, in case you get stuck.

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