Heated Issue Fires Up...Global Warming Happening Here?

(Milwaukee)--Researchers at the Great Lakes Water Institute are weighing in, and they say the time for sounding the alarm is way past due. They believe it’s time for action.

Their advice comes one day after the White House released a dire climate assessment report stating the strong possibilities of continual natural disasters are in our very near future, from floods to fires.
But despite the warnings, it’s estimated 60 percent of us believe this is more about politics than practicality. Still the supporters say the documented trend speaks for itself.

And from the research, it's estimated temperatures could rise 5 to 10 degrees between now and 2050. This could spell greater flooding events. Locally, there's also belief the Great Lakes could drop to record low levels within the next 100 years, causing catastrophic concerns with fishing and wildlife not to mention boating.

Those who believe in fighting global climate change believe better planning and development of our urban infrastructure can help. The experts say it’s also important to reduce runoff from rainfall and limit the amount of fertilizer getting into the water by first getting your soil tested.

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