HeartSaver Heroes recognized after saving Milwaukee airport worker's life

NOW: HeartSaver Heroes recognized after saving Milwaukee airport worker’s life

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- She can't remember exactly what happened but a Milwaukee airport worker knows she owes a debt of gratitude to five people.

"I don't know why i'm still here. I don't. There's a reason and I couldn't have had that opportunity without all of you," Moira Glavan, cardiac arrest survivor said.

Moira Glavan thanked the men who revived her when she went into cardiac arrest on the job last November.

Milwaukee Sheriff's Deputies Steven Gunn, Cary Startz, and Daniel Zielinski along with Sheriff's Captain Mark Witek and Glavan's coworker Joshua Jackson all received "Heart Saver Heroes" awards from the American Heart Association.

Jackson performed CPR as soon as he saw Glavan in distress.

"She fell. I noticed that her breathing had become shallow. So I started chest compressions and straightened her body out real quick and started chest compressions until help came," said Joshua Jackson who performed CPR on Glavan.

"Receiving immediate CPR can double or triple a person's chance for survival," said Joe Haas with the American Heart Association.

Glavan, of course, did survive. The Sheriff's Deputies used a defibrillator to shock her heart back into rhythm.

The Heartsaver Hero Award is given to people who save lives outside of a hospital setting. 

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