'Have a cookie, have some coffee': Kenosha County sheriff brings treats to crowd outside courthouse

NOW: ’Have a cookie, have some coffee’: Kenosha County sheriff brings treats to crowd outside courthouse

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58)-- The Kenosha County sheriff brought cookies and coffee for the crowd of protesters and journalists gathering outside of the courthouse during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

"One of the best things on a cold day, I think, is a warm cup of coffee and a cookie," Sheriff David Beth said.

Beth told CBS 58 his goal is to show everyone is on the same page, regardless of which side they're on. 

"We've got about 20 people here. They're holding up signs and putting out what they would like to see. I support that," Beth said.

He added that he thinks everything has gone smoothly so far.

"The media outnumbers the protesters by about 50 to one. If that stays the case, I'm good with that," Beth said. "People are going to be loud, and people are going (to) test other people. Hopefully, they can do it without creating a disturbance."

Kenosha police released a statement with the sheriff on Tuesday declaring there was no need for a curfew or road closures. Beth reinforced that on Thursday afternoon.

"Except for this about one-block area, Kenosha is running just like normal," Beth said. "Everybody is going on just like they should be in Kenosha."

When a verdict is reached, Beth is hoping for a peaceful reaction.

"No matter what verdict comes down, some people aren't going to be happy. We can't change that. It's how the court system works, and we're ready to help protect Kenosha and everything that's happening here," Beth said.

As of Thursday afternoon, the jury is still deliberating.

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