Hamilton High School leaders, including principal placed on leave

NOW: Hamilton High School leaders, including principal placed on leave

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Public Schools is conducting an internal investigation involving school leaders at one of its high schools.

The principal, assistant principal and a teacher at Alexander Hamilton High School have been placed on administrative leave, according to MPS.

A spokesperson for MPS said there is an internal investigation underway involving the principal, Rose Martin and assistant principal, Brian James. A teacher, whose name hasn’t been released, is also on leave.

Parents say it’s unsettling. “How you supposed to teach your kids when their higher uppers are doing the wrong thing,” Doris Woods said.

While many rumors are swirling about the investigation, MPS said it’s a personnel matter and they can’t comment on it.

“Pretty upsetting to hear somebody in that stature is gonna be doing something like that to the school,” said Ernanii Gonzalez, a parent.

Parents also told CBS 58, they weren’t notified about the investigation, although the school leaders were put on leave April 8.

“I heard it from my daughter," Gonzalez said. "Give the parents a heads-up. Kind of give the parents an understanding of what’s going on."

The three staffers will be on leave pending the conclusion of the investigation.

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