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Grafton residents upset with fiber project work in neighborhood

NOW: Grafton residents upset with fiber project work in neighborhood


GRAFTON (CBS 58) -- People living in Grafton are upset with how a fiber project in their neighborhood is being managed. 

Yards have been dug up and many lost power to their homes Sunday. 

Those living in the area near Cedar Creek Road and North Green Bay Road said the project has gone on longer than expected, equipment has been left in their yards, there are large holes in yards, and the internet has also been impacted. 

The issues were brought up at a Village of Grafton Board meeting Monday night. 

"From what I understand, it's an AT&T project, they are permitted to work within the right of way and within easements that they own on private property. I understand they are just updating their fiber to provide service to village residents," said Public Works Director Amber Thomas. 

"We don't really have any control, they're working within the right of way and as a public utility, they're allowed to work within the right of way, and we have asked for verification of their easements on private property, so there's not a whole lot we can do, but I have been reaching out to AT&T to try and get them to comply."

"It’s very annoying, the noise, early in the morning and very close to our home with their machines," said Doreen Leret. 

"Neighbors joked with me, 'Hey did they ask if it was okay to park that front end loader that they’re using to dig a hole in your property?'" said Ernie Tamm who has a large hole in his front yard because of the work. 

He's also experienced internet outages. 

"Where work is being done my wife happens to work out of the house she has a home office here, her employer allows her to work remotely, and her job is actually dependent on that internet," he said. 

In a statement, a spokesperson for AT&T said: "As we work to bring faster speeds to the Grafton area, our goal is to minimize the effect on residents. We are working to complete the work and restore the area as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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cbacelis 335 days ago
Although the digging equipment is in my backyard and I experienced the internet and power outage, I'm not upset about the work. However, I feel bad about the crew of people working on the project. They're out in the cold for most of the day hours and even at night; I don't know how their bodies can take it. I worry about them and wonder why the project needs to be done during the coldest weeks of the year. Is that when these projects are usually done? So far, I'm just glad I can watch from indoors.
TomJahn 335 days ago
I'm right next to Grafton in the town of Cedarburg. I hope that AT&T brings their fiber to our neighborhood asap, and would gladly deal with the minor issues of getting new services available. Right now it's direct TV, or super slow att dsl or spectrum. ATT, you can come over to the town of Cedarburg on the South side of Grafton and dig to put in the fiber anytime.
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