Going forward investigating Kelly Dwyer's death

\"These are cases that we never give up on.\"

Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern is optimistic that the family of Kelly Dwyer will someday receive justice in her death

“We will exert everything in our ability to make sure that we get the answers here,\" Lovern said.

But the road to get there is long, It could take months before key questions are answered. Like how did Dwyer die? How did her body end up 30 miles away in a field? And most importantly, who did it?

\"That will include a detailed investigation, probably including a forensic investigation and the Milwaukee police department will work very close I know with Jefferson County Authorities,\" Lovern said.

Dwyer's boyfriend Kris Zocco has always been the main person of interest in her death. Lovern wouldn't speculate on whether he could soon face charges. However he did admit that the case is being investigated as a homicide, but not yet officially classified as one.

\"It is being treated as such because a missing person who is deceased is obviously of extreme concern to all of us, so the resources that are going into this are reflective of a crime of that nature,\" Lovern said.

Meanwhile, neighbors shed more light on how Dwyer's body was found. They say the property owner saw shiny bones in his backyard right near the road, assumed it was the carcass of a deer, but quickly noticed her skull. Even more disturbing, last July there was an auction with hundreds of people right where her body lay, but no one noticed.

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