GoFundMe Fakes

 Crowd source fundraising sites like \"GoFundMe\" are gaining popularity, but how safe are they? The Knickerbocker family has reason to celebrate, as their infant son Noah has a new heart and a new lease on life. But the happy ending isn't so happy. The Knickerbockers are out thousands of dollars promised to them by a close family member. 

From the start, the Knickerbocker family faced an uphill battle. Before their son noah even made it into this world, they were told he had serious heart problems and probably wouldn't survive. \"He ggot intubatedright after birth, like the breathing machine and life support, moments after he was born. He was purple,\" said Tyler Knickerbocker. 

The medical bills were tremendous and the Illinois-based family had to drive to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee on a near daily basis.So when a family member reached out to hehelp fundaiseeraisefamily was more than happy to accept his help. 

\"He had told me multiple times 'You don't worry about the fundraising, let me take care of it. You just take care of the boys,'\" said Knickerbocker. 

But the money never came. 

\"He (the family member) ended up getting over $6500 from people that he blatantly lied to saying the money was going to go to us,\" said Knickerbocker. 

 The family member says he never promised them anything.

\"And when I asked him for the money he brought up the idea of donating it  out of the blue. Don't you think if this was your plan you should have told us this? You basically robbed both my kids away from a house.Thouse.That'se money was going for, \" said Knickerbocker. 

Gofundme says it can't ever be 100 percent sure a user's account contains accurate or truthful information. And in this case, they put a hold on the funds but it was too late. The account was already drained. 

\"We'll bounce back. We're all fighters and its just a stepping stone for him, \" said Knickerbocker. 

The family filed a complaint against  the man in Denver, Colorado, where the account was created. 

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