Giving to Charity on Veterans Day? Do this first

If you decide to help our veterans by donating money, make sure your generosity has the most impact. Jim Temmer, President and CEO of the BBB of Wisconsin, joined us live on the CBS 58 News at 4 to give us a few pointers. 

-Look at the Name Carefully. It’s easy to be confused as many veterans’ charities include virtually the same words in different order or slightly different form. So, be alert and make sure the organization you are considering is the one you want to support.

-Find Out What They Do. Don’t assume what the veterans organization does based on their name alone. Look for a clear description of the organization’s programs in its appeals and on its website.

-Be Careful About Phone Appeals. If not managed properly, some telemarketing campaigns for veterans organizations can be an expensive way to raise funds with very little going to the organization. If called, do not hesitate to ask for written information on the charity’s programs and finances before making a donation.

-Be Wary of Excessive Pressure.  Don’t be pressured to make an immediate on-the-spot donation to a veterans organization. Charities should welcome your gift whenever you want to send it.

-Learn How Donated Items Will Be Used. Find out how the charity benefits from the collection and resale of used clothing and other in-kind gifts. Sometimes the charity receives only a small portion of the resale price of the item or may have a contractual arrangement to get a flat fee for every household pick-up, no matter what the contents.

-Check with Outside Sources Before Giving: In addition to charity reports on, check with your state government’s charity registration agency, usually a division of the Attorney General’s office. 

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