Four MPS Principals Celebrate "Turnaround Arts" Program at the White House

Four MPS principals were part of a celebration of the arts Wednesday at the White House.

They were being celebrated for their participation in the Turnaround Arts program which restores fine arts instruction in hopes of improving student performance and reducing behavior problems. 

Turnaround Arts is the signature program of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. It empowers high-needs schools with innovative arts, dance, theater and music programs, arts integration across subject areas, arts resources, musical instruments and high-profile artist mentors, as a proven strategy to help address broader school challenges and close the achievement gap.

First Lady Michelle Obama was part of the day's festivities which included a talent show from some of the children who have benefited by restoring arts classes in their public school.

"When we say arts are essential parts of education we mean it." Mrs. Obama told the crowd. "Nobody should ever say music, theater and dance are a luxury."

The MPS schools participating in Turnaround Arts are Martin Luther King, Lancaster,  William T. Sherman Creative Arts and Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts.

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