For some Wisconsin Republicans, Kenosha situation overshadows RNC

NOW: For some Wisconsin Republicans, Kenosha situation overshadows RNC

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers doubled the amount of National Guard in Kenosha to 500 Wednesday, Aug. 26, and accepted additional federal assistance from President Donald Trump.

For state Republicans like Senator Ron Johnson, R-WI, and Representative Bryan Steil, R-WI, the situation in the city, and specifically how much security should be there, dominated the headlines more than day three of the Republican National Convention.

In an RNC press call, Johnson said he supported Evers accepting federal assistance, but said it was too late.

“Unfortunately Gov. Evers did not take him up on that offer last night, Johnson said. "Unfortunately he didn’t. Unfortunately a couple people lost their lives.”

The teen accused of killing two protesters and injuring a third is now in custody. Milwaukee area Rep. Gwen Moore, D-WI, said the blame should not fall on Evers. Moore said it should fall on the president for encouraging division.

“The young man, an interloper, had nothing to do with the protest and the movement, but the kind of person that Donald Trump and Republicans incite.”

Moore said Kenosha doesn’t need federal assistance for peaceful protesters, after the shooter was able to walk past police and make it to Illinois before being arrested.

“This murderer was taken into custody safely," Moore said. "Nobody felt the need to shoot him, even though he had murdered two people.”

Steil mostly commented on the situation in Kenosha during his RNC press availability. Kenosha resided in his district. He said the violence and chaos of the last three nights does not advance justice and does not advance peaceful protests.

“We need to make sure that we restore public safety in Kenosha now. Not tomorrow, not next week. We need to restore public safety in Kenosha now.”

Evers said the National Guard will only be used to protect critical infrastructure and will not prevent protesters from expressing their First Amendment rights.

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