Felon Who Led Police On High Speed Chase Appears In Court Wednesday

The man who led police on a wild car chase through the streets of Milwaukee which ended in a crash will appear in court on Wednesday to face serious charges.

Matthew Hardin, 23, is a convicted felon. In addition to his long rap sheet, he faces several new charges on Wednesday, including first degree attempted intentional homicide and first degree reckless injury. 

Video from the officer's dashboard camera shows the wild chase, which ended when Hardin got on I-43 heading south and drove up onto an embankment. According to police, Hardin had removed his GPS monitoring device.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is not hiding his feelings about the situation, which he says never should have happened. 

"This suspect is no stranger to the criminal justice system in Milwaukee County," Clarke said in a statement. "This reliance on soft devices to monitor career criminals is too high a risk to the well-being of this community."

"People in the Milwaukee area continue to wonder why we are experiencing an increase in violent crime," said Clarke. "There are several factors, including judicial sentencing policies that give repeat offenders new life to commit more serious crimes. "

According to the county website about the GPS Monitoring program, the only charge against Hardin that would have mandated prison was the reckless endangerment of safety-- and that charge that was dropped.

CBS 58 did reach out to the District Attorney's office and also to the judge who put Hardin on GPS release, but those calls were not returned. 

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