FBI Searching for Robbers that Wore Utility Vests

The Milwaukee FBI is searching for a pair of bank robbers wanted for a violent takeover at a local bank.

Instead of hiding their identities the robbers made it well known.

The key to any successful bank robbery is often the suspect's disguise so why would a couple of guys in Milwaukee want to bring attention to themselves.

Both of them were dressed wearing utility vests.

One of them was wearing an orange utility vest.

The other was wearing a yellow utility vest.

The only job site these two were working at was this North Shore Bank off 92nd and Oklahoma.

As they entered the bank, one person stayed in the lobby area, the second approached the teller counter armed with a handgun. At which point he approached the teller counter and actually fired the handgun towards the tellers.

That round went into the floor as the men gathered workers and customers in the lobby.

If the tellers did not comply, they did threaten to shoot people within the bank.

Most bank robbers want to conceal their identity; they want to do things that help them blend in to their environment. These guys took the unusual step of making themselves more visible than the average person by wearing reflective construction vests while inside the bank.

The two got away without being caught, but face major prison time.

“It was an unusual level of violence. Generally speaking in bank robberies, we don't see rounds discharged or shots fired within a bank. This sort of ratchets up the level of violence with these two individuals,” said FBI representative.

If you've seen either  call the FBI. 

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