Extreme Cold Causing Big Strain on Cars

(Milwaukee)--When temperatures sink to the lows they’ve been, you have to allow extra time in the morning to warm up your car. Five to ten minutes are recommended.

The experts say warming up your car is like stretching before you exercise. You need the extra “oomph” before you take off and go.
Otherwise you run the risk of ruining your engine and also damaging your brakes.

If you have an automatic car starter, listen up. In some communities you’re not supposed to have them. In Milwaukee, you can, but the door has to be locked and the key should be out of the ignition.

Having a well run car in this cold can keep the tow truck driver away as well. Many folks have had to have their cars towed because of the snow and cold we've seen this week. It's advised if you do get stuck, try to remain in the car, with your seatbelt on, until help arrives.

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