Eric Trump campaigns in Wisconsin, crowd size a point of contention

NOW: Eric Trump campaigns in Wisconsin, crowd size a point of contention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Among the first things Eric Trump mentioned at a Menomonee Falls bowling alley campaign event, and an interview afterwards, was the excitement and size of the crowd.

“The crowd today was unbelievable," Trump said. "I mean we had hundreds of people."

The son of President Donald Trump said the crowd, and the signs he sees driving around the state, show how much people are excited about the potential for four more years of the current president.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the crowd size was nothing to brag about. He said it’s a health risk for COVID-19.

“Particularly in places like bowling alleys," Barrett said. "Places where we’ve seen outbreaks. To me, that’s the height of irresponsibility to be out there gathering people together.”

Eric called his father a warrior in his battle with COVID-19  and says the family has shown their commitment to the state both in policy and physical appearances.

“We love Wisconsin," Trump said. "My father loves Wisconsin. He’s coming here later on this week...Our vice president’s going to be here."

Trump also touted his father's trade record, saying he’s better for the Wisconsin economy than Joe Biden.

“My father built the greatest economy ever," Trump said. "Manufacturing, which is so important in Wisconsin. Agriculture, which is so important in Wisconsin.”

Mayor Barrett pushed back on the economy, saying the president’s job numbers do not look great.

“He will be the first president who will leave office with fewer jobs than when he entered office," Barrett said. "That to me is not a recipe for success.”

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